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The geometry of Flat Page Technology is about flat shapes like lines, circles and triangles ... shapes that can be drawn on a piece of paper, or a computer page.

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Cosmair Coding is a digital website developer using Flat Page Technology building contemporary solutions for local, state, national and international brands. We work with intelligent clients to connect their stories to the customers they love. Through our digital presentations, we give voice to our clients, clearly & creatively so that they may speak to their customers like real people that live in the real world.

Medichest, BeeWellHealth, Kinray Health, Aces Automotive, Corvette Specialists of NC, Levine Properties, YourCityBeat, B&B Auto Body, Jolen Beauty, and more..

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Flat Page Technology

First, simplicity as a vital part of flat page design provides the concise expression toward means and composition clarity. Here it is appropriate to recall the motto of restraint — “Nothing excessive!” By getting rid of excessive decorations and graphic effects that follow real entity properties, the interface became more “arithmetical”.

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Geometric Styles

Second, “flat” design digital pages focus on good layout. It can be argued that the active progress of web composition came with “flat” design. Content comes first and this is extremely important in today’s informational current.

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Converting Designs into Code

Third, “flat” digital web pages are not trapped with a large number of visual effects and, therefore, have smaller size. Give us a PSD file, a PowerPoint image, a current web page or even a hand-drawn sketch and we will design around that.