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Flat PageTechnology is used by effective websites. The human eye might catch glimpses of brightly colored multi-dimensional objects, but soft-colored Flat shapes like lines, circles and triangles bring the eye to a comfort zone.

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Why Flat Pages?

Users have a positive expressive response to your visual design. This is almost always a positive aspect from your perspective. This effect is a major reason why a higher quality user experience can’t just be a functional UI — designing an interface that’s eye-catching as well as practical is worth the resources. Samsung’s success is an excellent example of the aggressive advantage of paying attention to aesthetics. As designers, we’re often faced with conditions where we have to blueprint for a lot of information to be displayed in a small space. The billboards of our highways might be an intense case, but many times designing for desktops and mobile apps means facing the same issues. Is there a way out — for both the billboards and web stylists in general?

Yes! Designing a billboard to display all the data, while being easy to understand, sounds like an unreasonable task. Interaction design should be learnable, or at least shouldn’t necessitate the designer to teach people how to use the interface. There are exceptions. Take the example of complicated software like Photoshop. Websites are not supposed to be complicated software. Every website designed should have high-quality analytical thoughts during creation. Designers should be purposeful to utilize systems they know operators are already familiar with. This self-explanatory learnability provides the ease and frequent use of products and devices.

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Flat Page Technology

First, simplicity as a vital part of flat page design provides the concise expression toward means and composition clarity. Here it is appropriate to recall the motto of restraint — “Nothing excessive!” By getting rid of excessive decorations and graphic effects that follow real entities properties, the interface became more “arithmetical”.

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Geometric Styles

Second, “flat” design digital pages focus on good layout. It can be argued that the active progress of web composition came with “flat” design. Content comes first and this is extremely important in today’s informational current.

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Converting Designs into Code

Third, “flat” digital web pages are not trapped with a large number of visual effects and, therefore, have smaller size. Give us a PSD file, a PowerPoint image, a current web page or even a hand-drawn sketch and we will design around that.

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