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Clients + Brands + Inspirations.... Medichest, BeeWellHealth, Kinray Health, Aces Automotive, Corvette Specialists of North Carolina, YourCityBeat, BCB Auto Body, Jolen Beauty, and more...

Cosmair Coding is a digital website developer using Flat Page Technology building contemporary solutions for local, state, national and international brands. We work with intelligent clients to connect their stories to the customers they love. Through our digital presentations, we give voice to our clients, clearly & creatively so that they may speak to their customers like real people that live in the real world.

A Case Study is a way of demonstrating how your business helped a client overcome a particular challenge. It clearly lays out how your design or development services were used to solve a problem. The results in short, are not about you, but your customer. Cosmair uses the newest programming languages and the elegant application of function over form and always in moderation. That is the essence of SEO technology. Design for appearance alone will never increase the SEO of a website. Proven language conversion into simple, elegant designs always increase's a website’s SEO. If proof is in the pudding, let's see how this pudding tastes.